Case Studies & Project List

Study/Project Name Client Year
Develop smart mixed reality technology for set up and test ocean plant's pipes MSIT / NIPA 2019
Develop design criteria PLM platform sof shipbuilding based on bigdata
Develop new hybrid format for light weight huge design data SMBA / TIPA
Develop digital support system based on light-weight 3D model for build efficient engineering project cooperation environment MOTIE / KEIT
Develop container clash check system based on 3D Laser scanning DSME
Build 3D integration solution framework and 2D reflection, 3D blueprint creation system HHI 2018
Develop VIZZARD Geometry Healing function INFOGET
Develop intelligent optimum Rudder stiffener building system HHI / INFOGET 2017
Build quality test system based on 3D model HHI
Develop kiosk version of 3D RCS real-time middle construction information and supply search system
Develop two-level for shipbuilding Smart-Work enhancement HHI 2016
Build Mobile 3D RCS system
Build product management system based on model DSME
Develop structure measure technique based on laser scanning data
Map out plants using 3D scan data / Check building coordination SMBA
Enhancement planning review system for Large 2D data
Mobile platform activation for digital virtual produce CHUNG-ANG UNIVERSITY 2015
Data form convert technology for plant build data visualization SMBA
Develop main technology for visualization of build information and prevalidate installation routine DSME
Build license manage system
Enhanced GUI for Cymer Monitoring Software CYMER, LLC 2014
Pre-validate build model / installation routine & Develop standard viewer system for process visualization DSME
Create high performanced viewer of large 3D vessel data MKE 2013

· MSIT : Ministry of Science and ICT
· NIPA : National IT Industry Promotion Agency
· SMBA : Small and Medium Business Administration
· TIPA : Korea Technology & Information Promotion Agency for SMEs
· MOTIE : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
· MKE : Ministry of Knowledge Economy
· KEIT : Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology