SOFTHILLS Co. Ltd. has been developing and supplying 3D light-weight, visualization and adaptation software since its establishment in 2013. We provide the best products and services for realizing the value of customers in various industries based on the highest level of professional manpower and technology.

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Software Development and Supply

We have developed software that combines 3D-based technologies such as ultra-light weighting and high-speed visualization for 3D data such as CAD & point cloud data and supply it to domestic and overseas companies.

System Integration

We support the best 3D visualization products (CS, Mobile & Web Package, etc.) that can be used in combination, connection & extension with legacy systems for satisfying their needs of various industries.

Consulting Service

We provide differentiated consulting considering corporate characteristics such as industry, business type, and computing environment in order to build innovation and collaboration system of 3D based rehabilitation system of customers.