Extra-large 3D Project Review Software

VIZZARD integrates 3D models for large structures such as ships, offshore and onshore plant into a single project file (.viz) and supports detailed review of them. Users can use 3D models and associated engineering information across the single project file, including model review, digital Mock-ups, simulation, process planning, process and operation management, without CAD systems.

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Distinct Functions

  • Optimized for large project industries such as shipbuilding & Plant industry, etc.

  • Significant cost savings by replacing expensive CAD software and hardware

  • Increase project review and collaboration efficiency

  • Easy integration with other systems

Main Features

    Project Model Integration

    Various 3D model data and attribute information can be integrated into one project model for review

    Provides A Variety of Review & Collaboration Tools

    Quickly navigate specific objects among numerous components, and immediately identify the necessary information


    Support various rendering effect necessary for 3D model visualization

    Section / Section Box

    Search inside of extra-large 3D model use section and section box

    Snapshot / Note

    Save current view of 3D model use snapshot
    Note review about 3D model use surface, 2D, 3D note.

    Model-based Animation, Real-time Navigation

    Easily create animations using a variety of events & Provide a variety of navigation functions to check the inside of large 3d models

    Interference and Collision Test

    Rapidly check inter-object interference points in large models with high-speed collision check algorithms

    User-defined Functions Development Toolkit

    Control user interface with application interface and add functions user need

VIZZARD Design Review

  • VIZZARD Design Review

    A design review video of the IFC model (building) using VIZZARD.


Minimum maximum
CPU 1GHz More than 2GHz(4 Core or Higher)
RAM 4GB 16GB or Higher
HDD 300MB 2GB or Higher
GPU Memory 1GB Memory 3GB or Higher
OS Win 7 sp1 Win 10