Web Based 3D Visualization Component

VIZWeb is an optimal web component that allows you to quickly visualize existing large-capacity CAD data on the web through light-weight file format conversion for the web version and to easily search for structural information.

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Distinct Function

  • Support Multi Platform / Multi Browser

  • Enable Integration with Other Systems

  • No Need to Install Plugin / Active X

  • Enhancet Security through Streaming Inquiry Method

  • Use Web-only Light-weight File(.VIZW)

Main Features

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    Check Web-based CAD Model Information

    Possible to check CAD model attribute information and hierachy on web.

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    Search Web-based Model Data

    Support basic manipulation functions required for model navigation, clipping, rendering mode, etc.

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    Custom Open API Function

    When the environment for each user is different, call the necessary function using the Open API

VIZWeb Design Review

  • VIZWeb Design Review

    A design review video using multiple models within the VIZWeb program.


Platform Browser
Windows Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge
Linux Chrome, Firefox
Mac Chrome, Firefox, Safari 8
Android 4+ Chrome
iOS 8+ Chrome, Safari